holistic health

Thursday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 36 - Who Are You when No One is watching and what it means to be accountable to YourSelf

Who you are when NO ONE else is around, when no one is watching, when you are all by yourself IS Who YOU ARE.  So when you hold yourself accountable to Yourself, you have the opportunity to be see yourself through clearer glasses, more able to understand yourself, be more honest with yourself and hold yourself to higher standards than anyone else could ever hold you to. There is magic in this.

Wednesday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 35 - Color and color energy!

Nature color coded everything for a reason.  Pay attention to how the different colors make you FEEL.  Wear different colors and notice how the world responds differently.  Color IS energy and each color has a different frequency.  When you use this intentionally you have a powerful tool to effect your world in the ways that serve you best.