Thursday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 38 - Actively raising your Root Energy

I can tell you how to raise you Root Energy OR I can just show you.

The Root Chakra, where your Inner Courage and Inner Strength sits, where your Life Force begins and travels up your spine, where you root and ground into the Earth.  Red energy. Earth energy. Yours for the taking.

We can't just think our way to health, happiness and energetic balance and harmony. We have to actively, consciously, continuously, consciously Raise Our Vibration.

Wednesday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 35 - Color and color energy!

Nature color coded everything for a reason.  Pay attention to how the different colors make you FEEL.  Wear different colors and notice how the world responds differently.  Color IS energy and each color has a different frequency.  When you use this intentionally you have a powerful tool to effect your world in the ways that serve you best.

Tuesdays at Tiny Taiga - Episode 26 - The lymphatic system, touching yourself and getting stuff moving!

Your lymphatic system is a critical system through which lymph glands produce white blood cells to help fight bacteria and viruses and other intruders, and filter the lymph fluid which move toxins through the body and into detox organs so they can be removed. The fluid needs to keep moving and flowing and draining from the nodes, otherwise blockages and sluggish glands allow infection to occur.  Give yourself regular lymph massage, use a rebounder, flail your arms like a crazy person, etc. to keep the fluid moving!