Sunday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 37 - Yes, we ARE powerful beyond comprehension and we are also HUMAN

Yes, we are powerful, energetic Creators, responsible for our own health and happiness, able to heal ourselves and each other.  And we are also HUMAN BEINGS.  We cannot prevent or avoid all ailment, illness, discomfort, pain, "negative" experiences, etc. Though we can do our best to create a healthy, happy life diligently and consciously.  But WHEN we are faced with stress, dis-ease, exhaustion, illness, pain and discomfort, we can give ourselves permission to ask for help and to rest, while we do our best to help heal our selves.  Less pressure on prevention. More gentle compassion in our concerted attempts and efforts to be the most divine, spiritually fed, soul fueled, healthy beings we can aspire to be.