Saturday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 40 - The whole reason we eat

is to supply critical nutrients to our extraordinary physical vessels!  Our body does SO much for us without us even noticing or acknowledging it, but it NEEDS specific nutrients that it can't make on its own to do the thousands of functions it quietly, graciously does every second of every day, which is where we come in - we EAT FOOD to give our body those nutrients.  It makes healthier choices easier when we remember and understand WHY we eat to begin with!

Thursday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 39 - Tiny Taiga IS me, my heart, my soul, my energy

Thursday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 39 - Tiny Taiga is a culmination of my heart, my soul, my energy, the bits and pieces of my belief system surrounding health and true wellness, and everything I have been working on for 20 years. I live, breathe, eat, sleep what I believe in and what I talk about. You can feel it when you walk in the door and THAT is what I'm offering everyone who comes in and everyone with whom I work with one on one. So grateful to have this space and to feel so extraordinarily good in it and to get to share it with YOU.

Thursday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 38 - Actively raising your Root Energy

I can tell you how to raise you Root Energy OR I can just show you.

The Root Chakra, where your Inner Courage and Inner Strength sits, where your Life Force begins and travels up your spine, where you root and ground into the Earth.  Red energy. Earth energy. Yours for the taking.

We can't just think our way to health, happiness and energetic balance and harmony. We have to actively, consciously, continuously, consciously Raise Our Vibration.

Sunday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 37 - Yes, we ARE powerful beyond comprehension and we are also HUMAN

Yes, we are powerful, energetic Creators, responsible for our own health and happiness, able to heal ourselves and each other.  And we are also HUMAN BEINGS.  We cannot prevent or avoid all ailment, illness, discomfort, pain, "negative" experiences, etc. Though we can do our best to create a healthy, happy life diligently and consciously.  But WHEN we are faced with stress, dis-ease, exhaustion, illness, pain and discomfort, we can give ourselves permission to ask for help and to rest, while we do our best to help heal our selves.  Less pressure on prevention. More gentle compassion in our concerted attempts and efforts to be the most divine, spiritually fed, soul fueled, healthy beings we can aspire to be.

Thursday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 36 - Who Are You when No One is watching and what it means to be accountable to YourSelf

Who you are when NO ONE else is around, when no one is watching, when you are all by yourself IS Who YOU ARE.  So when you hold yourself accountable to Yourself, you have the opportunity to be see yourself through clearer glasses, more able to understand yourself, be more honest with yourself and hold yourself to higher standards than anyone else could ever hold you to. There is magic in this.

Wednesday at Tiny Taiga - Episode 35 - Color and color energy!

Nature color coded everything for a reason.  Pay attention to how the different colors make you FEEL.  Wear different colors and notice how the world responds differently.  Color IS energy and each color has a different frequency.  When you use this intentionally you have a powerful tool to effect your world in the ways that serve you best.

Tuesdays at Tiny Taiga - Episode 31 - A sample consultation with the Biopulsar

Holistic health consultations and coaching with, or without, the Biopulsar biofeedback system now available Mondays and Tuesdays!  Find out where your energy is going, where you can make important changes, organs that are struggling, mental/emotional/spiritual connections to the different areas of your body, and tools and exercises to raise your vibration, bring more vitality, balance, harmony and energetic flow to your body and life.  Go to to set up an appointment.

Tuesdays at Tiny Taiga - Episode 30 - True preventative medicine + creating space to take genuine care of yourself

There is an epidemic and it is rooted in our uprootedness, our disconnect, over-stimulation, over-worked, over-stressed, under-nourished, out of balance lives.  Get a handle on it NOW. No excuses, no distractions, no bullshit.  Take CARE of your incredible, powerful, sensitive, intuitive, wise, beautiful, gentle selves.  

Tuesdays at Tiny Taiga - Episode 26 - The lymphatic system, touching yourself and getting stuff moving!

Your lymphatic system is a critical system through which lymph glands produce white blood cells to help fight bacteria and viruses and other intruders, and filter the lymph fluid which move toxins through the body and into detox organs so they can be removed. The fluid needs to keep moving and flowing and draining from the nodes, otherwise blockages and sluggish glands allow infection to occur.  Give yourself regular lymph massage, use a rebounder, flail your arms like a crazy person, etc. to keep the fluid moving!

Tuesdays at Tiny Taiga Episode 23 - The overwhelming contradictory conversations surrounding health and diet

We're all overwhelmed and exhausted and frustrated by the contradictory information surrounding health and wellness and the ideal diet. This is because there are SO many underlying issues and layers that determine what approach may or may not be best for you, so many different approaches that might resolve one issue while creating another. We have all become "experts", and health NUTS, and we need to remember we are human, we don't know everything, we never will and we need to navigate gently through the information so that we can be kind to ourselves and each other throughout the process.  I feel you.