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YOU’RE walking in a beautiful, dense, thriving forest on a warm Autumn day. An easy breeze sweetly snakes in and out around the trees, tickling the top layers of your skin in a constant greeting upon each step. Rays of sunlight slice through the canopy and line your path with fiery linear beacons of energetic authority. The dampness of moss and dewy piles of fallen leaves softens your senses to the underbelly of a rich ecosystem of absolute earthly delight.

The palette of green and brown blinds your eyes and soul with its unnatural natural intensity and you wonder if color could get any brighter. With further heightened inspection through the veil of neutral magic you start to see rounds of red and orange, beads of yellow and beige, blossoms of pink and purple, spheres and ovals, fruits and nuts, leaves and berries, mushrooms and meals, water and air - an abundant pantry of nutrient and life. You reach your hand out and start to collect the gifts your intuition tells you were made for your pleasure, for your survival and for your journey.

You kick off your kicks and dig your tootsies into the chilled, damp dirt and feel a thread of life traveling its way up your core, quietly electrifying all of your ins and outs. You breathe deeply and your eyes open wide to the world around you as if walking outside from a dark room. You sit on a fallen log, secretly teeming with tiny communities filling their own baskets with bits and scraps found nearby, and you put a handful of your harvest into your mouth. The clean, concentrated and clear flavors burst and nourish your thoughts and your traveling vessel, and instantly, you feel full and fulfilled.

You see a shimmer in the corner of your eye and follow it to your own private sparkling pool created effortlessly by a small waterfall. You immediately throw off all of your clothes and jump in, giggling and screaming at the freeze and electricity that embraces and exhilarates you like a child. You are awake and you are alive and you know you are truly in the right place at the right time.

Now picture those experiences, gifts, nourishments and feelings being offered and accessible to you whenever you call them forth. Feel free to use Tiny Taiga to help you make some of those calls.


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Austin, Texas, USA  78702

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Who are YOU, dear friend?