Want to be aMused? 

aMuse.theProgram, Blake Shanley's heart, soul and brain-child is hourly Consulting/Coaching sessions, Biopulsar Chakra and Energy Readings and 30 Day Programs designed specifically for YOU, with a whole-person, whole-lifestyle approach to helping YOU find YOUR own unique formula for being healthy AND happy, using 20 years of thoughtful, well-rounded, intentional research and personal discovery in the many ways our diet, thoughts, emotions, experiences, support systems, belief systems and lifestyle habits can either hurt or help us.  

aMuse.theProgram will help you identify and implement key elements to YOUR unique formula with Consultations, Coaching and Programs created for YOU based on what will best help you make the changes YOU WANT TO MAKE in all of the areas needing attention. Menu of services below.

Email blakeshanley@yahoo.com  or call 512.731.4204 if you have questions about offerings and ASK ABOUT THE SLIDING SCALE PRICING!  

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