Owner/Head Good Juju Pusher, Blake Shanley, at Tiny Taiga

Um. What is TINY TAIGA?

Tiny Taiga is a tiny one-stoppe-enchanted-forest-corner-shoppe of heal goods and soul treats! 


Ah! Yes. A store on East 11th Street in Austin, TX, filled with superfoods (goji berries, incan berries, chia seeds, maca root, baobab powder, coconut oil, hemp seeds, olive oil, raw nuts, seaweeds, algaes, pine pollen, raw honey, etc.) raw chocolate, minerals, plant proteins, all natural skin care, books, supergreens, herbal tinctures and tonics, teas, essential oils, art, jewelry.  And other such sundries.  

What am I supposed do with all of those things?

Eat them, play with them, try them, share them, learn about them, understand them, use them.

Then what?

Oooh!  You’ll feel better, be happier, be healthier, be a nicer person, enjoy and embrace your life more, and take responsibility for your own body, mind, soul experience.  Fun.

Hmm…  You’re weird but that sounds pretty awesome.  I’m listening.

Yay!  Ok.  The point is to be conscious. Pay attention.  Ask questions.  Truly desire to feel good, and to be healthy AND happy.  And be willing to work a Tiny bit for it.

Attempt to find your own formula.  Eat clean, whole foods, as close to the way nature has given them as possible.  Eat fresh vegetables, eat healthy fats, drink lots of clean water, eat healthy whole grains and legumes, eat in season, eat locally, eat gratefully.  Stay away from processed foods, fake foods, refined sugars, table salt, industrialized hormone/antibiotic-filled meats, nutrient-depleted mass-produced foods, chemicals and synthetics, toxin-laden water, crappy people, and destructive and disempowering beliefs and attitudes.  Don’t run to the Doc everytime you get a sore throat.  Don’t pop a pill everytime you feel a little out of balance. Don't attempt to be someone you're not.  Take time to be quiet, be creative, be outside.  Be barefoot, in the sand, in the sun.  Laugh.  Sing.  Be bold. Wear bells.  Try things.  Choose your perspective.  Choose your path.  Choose your happiness.           Easy peasy, yes?!

Are you a hippie?

No, silly...  But yes.  And no.  Stop being a scared little wee wee baby.  It’s ok.  No one will judge you.

Ok.  I like it.  I want to be healthy and happy!